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20+ Webflow builds
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Calling all passionate Webflow developers! 🌟 Are you ready to join Flow Gurus and contribute your super powers to our stellar team? Get ready for an exciting adventure as our Webflow Developer! 🚀 Bring Webflow sites to life, following our Ultimate Webflow Build Checklist and completing at least x2 awesome 5-10 page projects every month!

But that's not all – you'll be the hero our clients need! 💪 Your superpower is providing lightning-fast support, making tweaks and changes with a zippy attitude. We aim for same-day fixes (or within 24 hours at the latest) to keep our clients smiling from ear to ear!

Communication is key, and we know you've got the charm! 💬 You'll love connecting with our Australian-based partners/clients, ensuring they're always in the loop with frequent and FAST updates through Slack. Plus, your valuable feedback will help us shape even better support systems – you're a crucial part of our team!

We're all about growth and happiness here at Flow Gurus! 😄 When you win, we win! Your career path is bright and exciting, with plenty of opportunities to learn and level up. And hey, downtime is never dull – use it to upskill and contribute to fun internal tasks, making our systems even better for the team and our fantastic clients!

So, if you're up for an enjoyable and productive ride, join us and become a true superhero of Webflow development! Apply now and let's create magic together! 🎉✨

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What winning looks like

1. Webflow sites go live!

Websites are thoroughly being completed by following the Flow Gurus Ultimate Webflow Build Checklist

  • Minimum of x2 websites 5-10 page Webflow projects completed per month

2. Support tasks get done

When clients request tweaks or changes we aim for zippy fast support. Ideally same day but at the very least within 24 hours

  • Manage the swift completion of Webflow support tasks
  • Handle questions for requests outside of Webflow also or redirect to the necessary expert team member/partner

3. Clients are always supported

  • You love communicating with our Australian based partners/clients. You have a positive and a “can do” attitude.

4. Frequent and FAST client communication in Slack

  • Following up and regularly updating clients on project/support task statuses

5. Flow Gurus System feedback

  • With regular interactions with clients and team members + jumping in and out of projects, any feedback on how we can improve is always welcomed!
  • Monthly feedback on how we can better improve our support systems

6. You’re happy and growing!

  • We’re only winning if YOU’RE winning.

7. You constantly feel supported

  • Your career path with Flow Gurus is clear and exciting

8. Productive downtime

  • If there are ever windows of time where we don’t have an active project or support task, you’re working on upskilling or internal Flow Gurus tasks to help us improve our system for the team and our clients!
  • Down-time is always enjoyable and productive!


  • Big heart for people!
  • Friendly
  • Loves systems
  • Always curious how to make things better... always.
  • Easily accessible at all reasonable hours
  • Always welcoming
  • Super organized


  • Built more than x20 Webflow projects
  • Familiar with Finsweet Client First and Attributes
  • Familiar with Figma
  • Have migrated multiple 100+ page websites
  • Understand core SEO principles
  • Basic HTML/CSS understanding
  • Basic JS understanding (although not 100% needed)


  1. Experience huge growth collaborating with our passionate global team and proprietary Flow Gurus systems
  2. Mentorship to guide you through the Flow Gurus career levels
  3. Meaningfully contribute to projects that create impact for our team and our clients
  4. Learn from this inside how a successful Webflow agency operates
  5. Work towards long-term career opportunities with consistent high quality projects and friendly clients
  6. Maintain a healthy work-life balance with set hours and an organized system

Sounds like this position was made for you?