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Location targeted SEO site for ten childcare centres




September 2022



Emali is an Australian childcare provider established in 2012 and offer high-quality early childhood education and care services for children aged between 6 weeks and 6 years. Their existing website was not communicating the level of quality and playfulness that their parents and children experience in any of their ten childcare centres in South Australia.

Flow Gurus worked with Emali to gain clarity on their market positioning, their message and design a well-thought-out website strategy to give their ideal customers an insightful glimpse into the life of childcare at Emali.

Flow Gurus partnered with Periscope Media to ensure that the website was developed with best SEO practices in mind. They helped guide us to optimize the website's architecture, content, and metadata to improve its visibility on search engines. Periscope Media also provided guidance on keyword research and helped to develop an effective content strategy that aligned with Emali's brand messaging and target audience.

The website was designed with a very fun and playful aesthetic that emphasized Emali's commitment to providing quality childcare services. The design was also optimized for user experience, making it easy for parents to find information about the different centres, services offered, and enrolment information. The website also featured a blog section that provided helpful information for parents and caregivers.

Overall, Flow Gurus, Emali, and Periscope Media worked together to create a website that effectively communicated Emali's brand messaging, offered a seamless user experience for parents and caregivers, and allowed their individual centres to have more control over the website for each of their individual locations.

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